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“Kenka Boobs” I nicknamed known Kappugurabiaaidoru Hitomi Aizawa (27) is madly in love for 12, according to sources. His wife is a stage “Massurumyujikaru” Taro Katayama Takashi actor had appeared in former gymnast and (34). Met at a friend’s introduction, which developed into a full-fledged dating last year. Hitomi Aizawa has been found between the work and travel in Las Vegas “Massurumyujikaru” Katayama has appeared in supporting performances. Hagukun are devoted love of the sea beyond.
Hitomi Aizawa nude naked
Kita Aizawa and I are 95 inches and men of the world in healing the gravure and variety shows taking advantage of the cup dynamite body, but now dedicated to the men who had one. (more…)

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Minako Komukai Strips Dance Performance

1 arrested last month for violating the Stimulant Drugs Control Law, under indictment, Minako Komukai talented dancer with convicted former probation (24), the original film’s sensual SM Oniroku Dan “Flower and Snake 3 (tentative) “(Director Narita Yuusuke, published this summer) to star in 9, right.
Minako Komukai nude naked
“Flower and Snake” is 70 to 80 in the Nikkatsu film’s five-part series, called the designated topic adult erotic scenes. However, the large collection of public attention, the video distributor Toei actress Aya Sugimoto (41), which starred, SM boldly portrays the world, “Flower and Snake” (2004), “Flower and Snake 2″ (05 years). Hall 10 was initially screened, and eventually gaining a reputation 美Bou Sugimoto and sexy scenes in film managed to Hall 79. DVD has 138,000 books, 24,000 Mekingubideo even shipping the book became a big hit. Record the number of ship-like sequel to previous work also reversed the traditional sense of the erotic film Minako Komukai. (more…)

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Haruna Nose Showing Cleavage at her DVD Release

108cm Surendabodi of talent in the world of K Cups with gravure idol Haruna Nose The, gravure popular “monthly series,” appeared. Monthly Haruna Nose DVD 『nose of the launch event 7, Ishimaru Akihabara held at the principal office software.
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- DVD Monthly 『Haruna nose is not even playing AD Haruna nose, and fulfill the desire of narrative creeping paranoia in the dressing room. (more…)
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Miho Nagase G Cup Gravure Idol

Gravure idol Miho Nagase The Innovation 1stDVD 『Gyuu, while holding a launch event』 of 7, was held in Akihabara Sofmap amusement hall.
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- Wagyu and raising the family home in Kagoshima Prefecture, “I love cows,” and that, “G” over a cup that “Gyuugyuu” (Gyuugyuu) and they claim they Miho Nagase . 1stDVD taken in Guam, the other lascivious OL wearing adult Weird, “cow pattern” that will cut a cow in swimsuit loves. (more…)

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Maeda Atsuko AKB48 2nd Photo Album

Popular idol group AKB48 Of  Maeda Atsuko The 2nd Photo Album Photo Album Maeda Atsuko “I tea there” (Shueisha), the release of 25 days from the date four sales to 1.7 million copies, 3 / 8 Oricon with “book” ranking (Compiled: February 22 — the 28th) BOOK (General Books) Best place its debut in September. General Department of Pre-TOP10 Celebrity photos, 2009 12 / 7 with Hey! Say! JUMP The 『Hey! Say! JUMP First Photo Album (Shueisha) is a record of four place since the first time in three months, the first year since the beginning of 2010. A solo photo,Ayumi Hamasaki『Dejideji the 2000-2009 diary of Ayu (Kodansha), the 2009 4 / 4 with 20 records since the place was about 1 years.
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3 photos this spring during the first film to be released in the same row and one bullet. Hawaiian Tropic is a shot in his first visit Maeda Atsuko, swimsuit and a healthy and colorful costumes, including “Maeda Atsuko 18 years” The entire book can enjoy the charm of one. (more…)

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Tokyo bikini party

Minggu, 26 Juli 2009
Tokyo bikini party
A night club in Tokyo held a bikini theme party recently, and luckily we found some nice photos of those Tokyo sexy babes. Different people have different taste, which type do you like?

Jingtian casual shot

she is comely even without makeup
a casual daily photo from her blog,hmm, she is a Mac user
guess where she is
looks like in a cabin
Name : Jing Tian
Date of birth: 21 July
Birthplace: Xi'an, China
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 167cm
Weight: 44kg
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: o

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ChinaJoy '09 - Spectacles girl

Sabtu, 25 Juli 2009
ChinaJoy '09 - Spectacles girl

An arrogant spectacles girl with black uniform was spotted by many visitors in this year's ChinaJoy, honestly, she is quite cool in most photos we found and, of course arrogant cool gal are always attractive in modern society, what do you say?

ChinaJoy 2009 - Part 3
Posted: 24 Jul 2009 07:29 PM PDT
sprite cosplay

perfect body

teclast netbook show girl - Dudu
Posted: 24 Jul 2009 08:32 AM PDT